The Hibiscus flower, from Hibiscus sabdariffa, is an annual herbaceous shrub of the Malvaceae family, commonly known as Roselle or Karkadé.


Once the flowers fall off, the bright red calyces swell and are harvested by hand before they’re dried and sold into its various markets, where approximately 15,000 metric tons enter international trade each year.


According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, China and Thailand are the largest producers, but Sudan is the source of the world’s best roselle!

Our Hibiscus comes the Kordofan region, and to a lesser extend the Darfur and Blue Nile region.


Our product is primarily a dried calyx, and is available in several grades:

Whole dried flower (HPS)
Crushed and sieved dried flower (Siftings)
Fine mechanical powder


The Hibiscus flower is drought tolerant and relatively easy to grow, however, its processing is labor intensive as it is not suitable for mechanized harvest. This however makes it an ideal work opportunity for traditional farmers and communities.


Snacks, Juices, Tea

Has a raspberry like flavour
Has a strong red pigment/colour
Is rich in vitamin C, minerals and flavonoids
Is high in antioxidants
May help lower blood pressure
May boost liver health
Promotes weight loss
Could help fight bacteria

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