Cera Flava, more commonly referred to as Beeswax, is prepared by melting and purifying the honey-comb of Apis mellifera, or the common Honey Bee.


Biosylx has access to a rich yellow to orange color African beeswax from Central Africa & East Africa.


Beeswax is often combined with other ingredients and modified to improve its properties, sparking the development of adulterated beeswax and various synthetic waxes which are cheaper to produce. However, organic beeswax is now enjoying a renewed popularity in response to consumers favoring natural and healthier products.

Most of our Beeswax harvesters are organic certified by Ecocert, a leading body in the industry. We carry out systematic analysis of physiochemical parameters, adulterants and contaminants to ensure that health and security standards are being met.


In order to obtain the best quality beeswax possible, we have put in place a control test system which sees to all the critical points of the wax rendering and filtration operation, with strong attention to detail.


Beeswax is a coveted resource within our portfolio, not only for its claims and applications, but it is also a key contributor to the natural phenomenon essential to the survival of humanity through pollination, making it in sync with our values and commitment to advocate healthy living, and preserving our environment.


Lip, hair & skin care


Self-Care & Decor

High quality scented candles.

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