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Gums & Resins


Every time you drink soda, swallow a capsule, enjoy a jelly bean or lick a postage stamp, you’re ingesting an almost ubiquitous ingredient: Gum Acacia.


From Jerusalem’s sacred temples during ancient times, to the the ancient Greeks and Romans, Frankincense is one of the oldest substances scattered along the pages of holy books and history books alike.

Butters, Oils and Waxes


Beeswax is a coveted resource within our portfolio, not only for its applications, but it is also a key contributor to the natural phenomenon essential to the survival of humanity through pollination.


Move over Argan oil because Marula oil is the new leading ingredient for everything skin hydration, firmness and luminosity. In other words, your perfect component for your cosmetic products.

Botanicals, Herbs and Spices


While Gum Arabic was the crown jewel of our portfolio, it’s now safe to say that Baobab is giving it a run for its money. We have expanded our entire Baobab operation to include both Baobab Pulp Powder and Baobab Seed Oil.


Looking for an ingredient with a strong taste and colour in addition to nutritional values? Hibiscus is the way to go. It’s deliciously citric, hypnotically velvet and full of antioxidants. In other words, a great addition to your drinks and snacks.


Rosehip is one of the newest additions to our portfolio. Used in both the food and cosmetics industries, we supply Rosehip shells as well as Rosehip oil.


Look no further because our Sesame seeds are premium Gedaref region seeds with a rich nutty flavor and applications for the food and edible oil industries.

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