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Countries we
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Multinational personnel and bureaus with decades of experience in the natural ingredients, flavour, health, nutrition and cosmetic industries.
Multi-continental lands with a focus on sub Sahara Africa. Our reach is far and wide.
Nutritious high-quality products with proven health benefits.
Reliable and personalized customer service operating in good faith.
Active commitment to economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Our Mission


Our mission is to promote health and wellness by:

Offering natural and organic ingredients with proven health benefits, making it easier for consumers to choose a healthier life style.
Empowering the communities from which we source and making them self sufficient by creating economic opportunities. This also helps us build trust and closer ties with our suppliers.
Building a sustainable supply of goods. This enables us to grow the market by increasing the stability and resilience of supply, quality and prices. It also minimizes our environmental impact – Sustainability is a core value as it’s vital to our community and supply chain.
Minimizing our environmental impact is another core mission for us because it’s one of the most effective ways we can build antifragility for our company and community. The ingredients we source are threatened by environmental impact, so once again, sustainability is key to our long-term survival.

Our Vision

We are currently working on certifying our forestry operations to commit to the protection of the environment, the combat against biodiversity loss, the promotion of human rights, the improvement of the livelihoods of the farmers and their communities, and the fight against the climate crisis by 2021.
We aim to build a strong and long-term relationship with our suppliers and customers by being true to our values. Our strategy is based on supporting and investing in our suppliers and customers. We see ourselves as a bridge between them, and the ingredients we buy and sell are the goods that cross the bridge. The foundation of this bridge is the relationship we have with our suppliers and customers, and we build and strengthen this relationship by how close we adhere to our values.

Our Values

1. Customer Commitment

We define ourselves by how well we serve others. We value strong relationships, and are committed to delivering value and excellent customer service.

2. Quality

We provide excellent products and unsurpassed service by ensuring traceability and safety measures. Our customers expect the best, and we are passionate about exceeding their expectations.

3. Integrity

We are committed to doing good and upholding the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all our actions.

4. Teamwork

We work together across borders to deliver the brand’s promise for our customers and for each other. We are open to new ideas and welcome feedback from colleagues, customers and the world around us. We are open to learning, growing and being the change we want to see in the world.

5. Respect for People

We are a diverse and inclusive company serving a diverse global clientele. We are better together. We are committed to creating a safe working environment and building a culture of mutual
interdependence, trust and respect. Our individual contributions enable our collective success.

6. Care for our Communities and the Environment

We strive to make a difference within the communities and regions we work and live. Our commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility is currently growing as we continue translating our commitment from everyday internal practices to official certified operations.

7. Trust

Customers choose us because they trust our brand and people. We earn that trust by being reliable, consistent, and serving with the highest standard of integrity.

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