The United Nations' 17
Sustainable Development
The Acacia Development
Project: A Biosylx Vision
Our Organic Certifications for
Greener & Healthier Labels

A Source For Good

Good for your health, the community and our planet.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Acacia Development Project:
A Biosylx Vision

Biosylx intends to promote sustainability across the entire product value chain by ensuring fair trade with local farmers, promoting health benefits to global consumers and optimizing the quality of product selection and processing.

The United Nations’ 17
Sustainable Development Goals

Biosylx is already an active advocate for a handful of the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals, from combating desertification, to creating new jobs in rural communities, to reducing price volatility.

An Organic Portfolio
for Greener & Healthier Labels

Your clients expect more than simply delicious or functional ingredients. Making a purchase today is synonymous with one’s beliefs and choices vis-a-vis eco-friendly practices, as well as maintaining a diet of all-natural nutritious products.

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